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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welcome to Rare Cancers Australia COVID-19 hub. Here you will find a centralised page showcasing resources and information that will assist you during this incredible time. We are going to feature articles, videos and information sheets relevant to COVID-19 as well as some useful hints, tips and activities to do while you are at home. The page will be updated with new content regularly.

Cancer and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Information Sheet

If you have cancer your immune system may not be as strong as it is normally so you may feel concerned about the risks associated with COVID-19.


Continue Radiation Therapy during COVID-19

You may have many questions and concerns about receiving radiation therapy during the current COVID-19 conditions. Rest assured, Rare Cancers has been working with healthcare providers to ensure our members have continued, safe, high quality access to radiation therapy services close to home. 


Managing Your Health During COVID-19

Dealing with your health has never been more important. While you are encouraged to continue to visit your doctor or pharmacist, options are available to support those who cannot. 



We will be posting regular updates providing information about activities to do at home to minimise feelings of social isolation, anxiety and concern you may have.

Face masks during Coronavirus

To face mask or not to face mask, a controversial topic to say the least. Dr Emily Isham talks about the evolving science around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and talks about what minimises the spread.

Previous videos

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Telehealth and Communicating With Your Doctor  

#Coronavirus | Telehealth is an innovative way of communicating with your doctor. Although it can seem daunting at first, Dr Emily helps talk about what it can be used for and how to use it.

Accessing Treatments During the Pandemic  

Do you have questions around accessing your treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic? Dr Emily provides some insight around medication supply, clinical trials and attending appointments.

COVID Safe Information and Myths  

The COVID Safe App. Mike Parker and Dr Emily Isham breakdown the facts and the myths.

Visiting Your Doctor  

Dr Emily provides some advice around general tests and visiting your doctor.

Mental Health Tips Whilst in Social Isolation  

Are you struggling with being stuck at home? Dr Emily Isham discusses some tips to help you through the COVID-19 isolation.

Information Regarding Doctor Appointments Via Telehealth  

Dr Emily provides a few pointers on telehealth consultations offered for primary care which were rolled out early last week.

Managing Anxious and Worrying Thoughts  

Bryan from our Patient Support Team provides a little video outlining how you can manage anxious thoughts as we go through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information Regarding the Flu Vaccine  

Dr Emily is back with an update regarding the flu vaccine released 1st April.

New Telehealth Expansion  

New telehealth expansion is in place, here are a few key points for those living with cancer right now.

Frequently Asked Questions From Cancer Patients  

Dr Emily answers some frequently asked questions from our patient community.

A Message From Richard Vines  

If you are feeling anxious and isolated during this Coronavirus pandemic we are here to listen and support you. Here is a message from RCA CEO Richard Vines.

Immuno-suppressed Frequently Asked Questions  

RCA's Dr Emily Isham provides an update for immuno-suppressed rare and less common cancer patients and answers some frequently asked questions.

News Articles

Our resident GP and Content Manager, Dr Emily Isham will be posting articles about COVID-19 to keep you up to date on any important changes. These articles will cover topics like the government’s response to managing risks (e.g. lockdowns), any important information that develops regarding the stabilisation of the virus and all the details you need to know to ensure you are protecting yourself and loved ones.

COVID-19 Update

Another COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update collated from evidence-based science, reports, official public health guidelines, and other reliable sources (medical professionals - both clinical and public health), dated 29/04/2020. This is all based on proven fact, not my opinions. 

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Working from home while in isolation

Who would imagine on NYE 2019 while making a toast to ring in a new decade and vowing to spend more ‘quality time as a family’ that forces beyond our control would make it against the law to do otherwise?

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Advance Care Planning

The world seems so different during a pandemic – especially so given the severity and the many unknowns of SARS-CoV-2. And yet, this uncertainty and disquiet may not be new to those living with cancer. There is a certain resilience in those who live in a world where uncertainty is usual.

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Caregivers during Coronavirus

When work is your life – not only at your workplace, but as a caregiver at home – how do you cope during a pandemic, when the stakes are raised, the community tension is at an all-time high, your physical networks have been grounded, and your pre-existing struggles are amplified?

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The community of social isolation

Whilst we are grown accustomed to social distancing and isolation Dr Emily Isham provides some tips on how to cope during these strange times.

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Fact or Fiction

Dr Emily answers some frequently asked questions from our patient community.

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COVID-19 Guidance for Rare Cancers Australia Community

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus affecting humans. Some coronaviruses can cause illness similar to the common cold and others can cause more serious diseases.

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COVID -19 (Coronavirus). Be alert, not alarmed

For those of you who may be concerned or simply unaware, given how rapidly this situation is evolving and updates are changing.

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