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Welcome to Rare Bites. A show that aims to break down the big chunks of technical jargon, and supply them into much easier to swallow bites. Led by Dr Emily Isham, we will bring you weekly episodes aiming to answer your questions about the tricky topics in cancer.

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Navigating Palliative Care

Palliative Care. Two words that often cause so much discomfort and fear, but what do we really know about it? Join Dr. Emily and Sidekick James, as they dive into the world of Palliative Care.

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CAR-T Therapy: What is it?

CAR-T: Easy to spell but hard to explain. So, we took a shot at breaking it down. 

This week's Rare Bites reaches out to explore the world of CAR-T Therapy, how it works and what it does. We even find out how it feels. #RareBites

Medicines and the PBS

There are so many things that go into getting Medicines to the public, and so much of it is confusing. So we thought we'd break it down. #RareBites

Cancer and what to say to someone diagnosed

There are so many things we wish we could un-say and take back, but sadly, it doesn't work that way. 

So here's the next best thing, 3 Golden Rules to help you say the right thing to someone going on a cancer journey. 

We've also included a few things we've heard or have been said to us at RCA, so you can see how much impact words really have.

Sex, Intimacy and Cancer

Rare Bites is our new short-form podcast series where we take a look at complicated topics and questions in the cancer space and bring you some bite-sized answers.

In episode one, we look at Sex, Intimacy, and where they fit into the cancer experience. Do people with cancer have sex? How can you be intimate while living with cancer? And what about masturbation? These are important questions that need to be answered, and our team is here to help.

This episode features Dr Emily Isham and James Mathews of Rare Cancers Australia, with a special guest, Ross Jacobs, of Canteen Australia.

You can find the Cancer Council PDF here.