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Rare Cancers Australia

Our mission

Rare Cancers Australia Ltd (RCA) is a charity whose purpose is to improve the lives and health outcomes of Australians living with rare and less common (RLC) cancers.

In Australia in 2017, an estimated 52,000 people were diagnosed with RLC cancers, and 25,000 died from them, according to Cancer in Australia 2017 estimates.

As distinct from common cancers (breast, prostate, bowel, lung and melanoma) there is very little patient support offered to RLC cancer patients. RCA works tirelessly to ensure that this cancer group will never be forgotten or ignored again.

RCA has a number of key areas of focus:

Creating a community

A common reaction to a diagnosis of an RLC cancer is a sense of isolation and confusion. RCA is developing online communities to ensure patients can both better understand their disease and readily meet and communicate with others experiencing similar challenges.

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Patient support programs

A diagnosis of cancer often creates a number of related practical challenges for patients as they undertake treatment for their disease.

Our patient support team will navigate your needs by taking the time to find out what really matters to you. We will help empower you to get the most our of your experience and we are always here to listen.

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Fundraise for RCA

We are incredibly grateful for people who are motivated to fundraise for RCA. Donations from the public are crucial in helping us continue to do our work. 

By organising a community or challenge event you are helping us raise awareness of the challenges faced by rare and less common patients and directly helping RCA make it fair for rare. 

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Treatment & research

Reforms to the frameworks that underpin funding of breakthrough cancer treatments are needed to ensure Australians have timely and equitable access to the best treatments and care. 

RCA strives to ensure Australians have the best cancer treatments available in in this country at a price patients can afford. RCA is committed to our Patient Treatment Fund which is central to everything we do. The Patient Treatment Fund (PTF) helps patients to get access to the therapies they need that are not funded by the government.

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Rare Cancers Australia Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors and is classified as a Health Promotion Charity by the Federal Government.

All contributions are fully tax deductible.