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Rare Cancers Australia brings together leading experts in Canberra each year to talk about the latest developments, trends and issues in cancer care.  At CanForum we discuss the big opportunities and challenges in providing the best care to people diagnosed with cancer, including hearing first-hand from patients about their experiences. CanForum 2024 stands poised as the catalyst for a ‘Rare Cancer Moonshot’, bringing together patients, leaders and experts in cancer for big thinking and problem solving on August 20th at Parliament House in Canberra. In our pursuit of the moon, let us unite, think expansively, be brave and go beyond. Join us to make a meaningful impact at CanForum 2024.



Date: Tuesday, 20 August 2024

Location: Australian Parliament House, In-person and live streamed


In recent decades, our understanding of cancer and its architecture has changed dramatically. No longer do we see cancer as something that is associated with a particular body location, but rather as a malfunction in our DNA and immune system that can be identified through genomic testing, then targeted and treated. These treatments are increasingly precise and personalised and, whilst they bring with them the opportunity for better health and survival, they present unique challenges to our traditional health system.

The genomic revolution in cancer - is Australia ready?

CanForum23 encouraged us to reconsider our approach to cancer, with advances in genomic technology. 

Genomics can tell us more about a cancer’s genetic variations, helping identify personalised treatments. But our health system must change to ensure all Australians have equitable access to genomic testing and personalised medicine.

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What is the value of a life?

CanForum22 challenged our collective thinking about the value of a life in Australia.

The Australian Government at the time was reviewing the system we use for assessing new medicines, including for people with cancer.

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Think outside the bubble

CanForum21 focused on having people think outside the bubble – outside the bubble of excuses made that deny patients their rights and a chance at life, and beyond the regular rhetoric.

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Building an Australian Cancer Futures Framework 

Australia’s health system is among the best in the world. While the overall picture of cancer in Australia currently points to extended survival, these improvements are not shared amongst all cancer types and will not ensue without evolving some fundamental aspects of our health system.

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