Dialog Box

Rare Cancers Australia


Our responsibility is to Australians living with cancer as it is the greatest cause of health burden in Australia.

Advancements in medical research, treatments and technology, have changed how cancer is treated, but also bring new challenges such as those around privacy and ethics. Cost and speed of across to treatments is also still an issue as the pace of reimbursement struggles to keep up with the advances. 

As treatments advance, and technology continues to change how those living with cancer interact with clinicians, carers and communities, our health system must be ready to address these issues - or risk falling further behind. We must ensure the policy settings are in place to enable these new technologies to help patients. 

Acknowledging the change, and the wide-reaching impact of cancer, NOA is a vehicle for consensus and collaboration across these myriad issues, allowing key stakeholders to identify and speak on key issues with a united voice.