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Questionnaire - rights and roles of cancer patients

Cancer community, have your say on patient rights and roles

We are inviting all Australians who have experienced cancer directly or via a family member, to complete a short four-minute questionnaire to help us understand what matters to you most. 

We have become all too aware that the cancer diagnostic, treatment and management journey is becoming more difficult to navigate, with many patients forced to self-advocate to get their needs met. 

There is an opportunity to raise awareness of what the rights of cancer patients mean to you so that we can work towards having them upheld equally for all within the healthcare system. 

To start, we hope to gain recognition from those who deliver care, support workers and health policymakers on what patient rights in cancer care means today, in the context of the emergence of more rare and less common cancers and individualised approaches to treatment. 

How will your feedback be used?

The feedback we receive from the questionnaire will guide the development of a report focused on the rights and roles of cancer patients. 

This work has the potential to inform those who deliver care, treatment, support and policy, as well as key decision-makers.  

There is also an opportunity to help shape the nation’s first Australian Cancer Plan and the pre-election commitments of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition as the next Federal election approaches, including upcoming policy initiatives such as the review of the National Medicines Policy.

Please help us understand what’s not negotiable for you by completing this short four-minute questionnaire

The feedback we receive will remain anonymous and will help us to highlight the needs of those with a lived cancer experience.

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Are you a clinician or do you support cancer patients and carers?

You can download this information sheet and provide it to the cancer patients and carers you support.

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If you have any questions, please email noa@rarecancers.org.au   

Thank you for your support.