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Rare Cancers Australia

Ep 1: Professor Shelley Dolan

Professor Shelley Dolan

Chief Executive, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
From Registered Nurse to Chief Executive

In this episode, RCA Chief Executive Richard Vines speaks to Professor Shelley Dolan about:

  • Signing up as a nurse dressed in full punk rock gear, complete with pink hair
  • Her love of intensive care and why she moved to cancer care
  • Moving up the ranks from nurse to CEO
  • What she’s learned, and continues to learn, from patients and their families
  • Making your voice heard as a patient
  • The challenges of being a nurse – and a woman – in a patriarchal system
  • How Peter Mac works, access to drugs, and why it’s such a special place
  • How we can improve access to clinical trials in rural and regional areas
  • Her vision for the future
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More about Professor Shelley Dolan

Shelley began her career as a registered nurse in the UK, rising through the ranks to become Deputy Chief Executive at one of the largest hospitals in Europe and also at Europe’s largest comprehensive cancer centre.

She has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, specialising in critical care and cancer nursing.

More about Richard Vines

Richard is the co-Founder and Chief Executive of Rare Cancers Australia. He is Convener and Co-chair of the National Oncology Alliance, and Deputy Chair of Omico. Richard also serves as an associate investigator on several research projects and is a spokesperson for cancer patient advocacy issues in both Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

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