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Rare Cancer Support Guide

A rare cancer diagnosis can shatter life as you know it. The uncertainty, the isolation, and the quest for answers can feel overwhelming. Please know that you are not alone.

The RCA Rare Cancer Support Guide exists to support you, your family and friends through every step of a cancer experience, starting with a diagnosis.

Learn more about how the Diagnosis section of the Rare Cancer Support Guide can help you in this short clip from RCA Medical Correspondent, Dr. Emily Isham.

What you will find in the Diagnosis section:

  • Emotions after diagnosis
    The mixed emotions you may feel, and where to find support
  • Informing yourself
    How to find credible and relevant information
  • Preparing for initial appointments
    Tips for attending appointments and suggested questions to ask
  • How a diagnosis is made
    An outline of different diagnostic methods
  • Understanding a prognosis
    What a prognosis is based on, staging and grading, and considerations
  • Childhood cancers
    Finding support, treatment, and financial resources and options
  • Tool: Communicating with your healthcare providers
    Important questions to ask and things to let your healthcare team know
  • Understanding your rights
    Your rights as a patient, addressing your concerns, and asking for a second opinion

The advice comes directly from patients and carers who have been there, and from the knowledge of many health care professionals across the cancer care sector. It also includes the lessons we’ve learned at RCA over 10 years of supporting Australians with rare cancer.

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Looking for different information? Learn about the Treatment, Relationships and Support, and Looking Ahead sections of the Rare Cancer Support Guide.

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