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How We Can Help

If you have been diagnosed with a rare, less common or complex cancer, you are not alone.

We are a charity dedicated to rare cancer awareness and support, and understand the unique and complex challenges you may be facing.

Our Specialist Cancer Navigators have specific expertise in complicated cancer journeys and are here to help you and your loved ones with information, support and guidance.

We provide 360-degree personalised support, which means that whatever matters to you, matters to us. This could include:    
  • Emotional support, to help you cope with the uncertainty.
  • Peer support, to help you connect with others walking a similar path.
  • Practical and social support, to help you maintain the best possible quality of life.
  • Financial resources, directing you to services and options to help manage costs. 
  • Clinical support, to help you navigate the healthcare system and communicate you’re your healthcare teams. 

We specialise in supporting Australians who have no straightforward path through their cancer journey. No matter how hard it gets, we are in your corner.

Going beyond traditional patient support, we can also help you:  
  • Navigate your way through the latest treatment options, medications and clinical trials recommended by your treating team.
  • Facilitate fundraising so you can afford treatment that is not subsidised by the Government, as well as out of pocket costs.
  • Navigate genomic testing so you and your treating team have more information on your unique cancer.
  • Get in touch with specialists around Australia and the world who have a special interest in your type of cancer. 
  • Access emergency crisis funding for things like transport to attend appointments, accommodation when undergoing treatment, specialist medical bills and day to day expenses associated with a diagnosis that can really add up.
  • Explore access programs, to potentially access medications that are not available to some cancer patients through usual pathways.
  • Address barriers or unmet needs that you may be facing (e.g. distance, technology, literacy).

Importantly, we are here to listen. There can be so much information to digest with a cancer diagnosis, without the opportunity to stop and ask questions that matter to you. We take the time to talk through things that can be difficult to understand so that you feel informed and understand your options. We access the latest evidence-based information, so you don’t need to rely on late-night research. And we know where the help is and how you can access it. 

No one should have to go through their cancer journey alone. If you would like your own Specialist Cancer Navigator for personalised support throughout your diagnosis, treatment and beyond, contact us.