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Rare Cancer Support Guide

The Rare Cancer Support Guide is designed to provide patients and their family and friends with comprehensive information to help them manage and navigate their unique cancer experience.

Filled with trusted information, tools and advice for every stage of a rare cancer experience, the Guide shares the knowledge and experience of the RCA team, gained over 10 years of supporting Australians with no straightforward path through their cancer journey. It also incorporates the lived experience of patients and carers, and the knowledge of many health care professionals across the cancer care sector.

We hope this resource – and the experiences within it – shows you that although your cancer may be rare, you are not alone. RCA is here to support you every step of the way.

There is reason for hope!

Learn more about how the Rare Cancer Support Guide can help you in this message from RCA Medical Correspondent, Dr. Emily Isham.

What you will find in the guide

The Rare Cancer Support Guide provides tailored information, tools and advice for every stage of a rare cancer experience, broken down into four sections.

These sections can be read as stand-alone booklets or as part of the complete set.

Diagnosis Booklet

What to expect after a diagnosis, important questions to ask, and where to find more information. It also provides advice on managing difficult emotions and understanding your rights.

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Treatment Booklet

Planning for treatment, managing work and finances, and what to do when treatments aren’t available. It also outlines how to navigate the health system and the science of cancer.

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Relationships and Support Booklet

Breaking the news, how to care for yourself and others, and maintaining your important relationships.

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Looking Ahead Booklet

Life after treatment, processing and sharing your experience, and what to do if cancer comes back or progresses.

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Tell us what you think

This Guide will be revised on an ongoing basis to ensure it remains as up to date and relevant as possible. If you found certain topics particularly useful – or there are other topics you’d like to see covered – we’d love to hear from you. Send your thoughts to support@rarecancers.org.au