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The Precision Oncology Screening Platform Enabling Clinical Trials (PrOSPeCT)

PrOSPeCT is the largest cancer genomics initiative in Australia.

Over 27 months, PrOSPeCT will provide free comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) to 23,000 Australians with advanced or incurable cancers and identify potential matches to clinical trials of new precision therapies.

PrOSPeCT is an initiative led by Omico to accelerate access to precision oncology for Australians.  Precision oncology refers to using genomic technology to detect the unique genetic and molecular variations in a person’s cancer in order to identify clinical trials of new targeted treatments that can specifically address those variations to improve patient outcomes.

The initiative opens up new treatment paths across Australia for people with advanced or incurable cancers.

How it works:

Referral for CGP profiling

Australians living with advanced or incurable cancers are referred by their treating oncologist to CaSP, PrOSPeCT's cancer screening program.

Identify new treatment options

A team of experts review the CGP results and patient information and provide a report back to the treating oncologist, including any new precision treatments and clinical trials running in Australia that could be appropriate for the patient.  The referring doctor discusses these options with the patient and can facilitate access to these options.

What is CaSP?

CaSP (Cancer Screening Program) is the screening program associated with PrOSPeCT. 

CaSP enables access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) for 23,000 patients in Australia with incurable or advanced cancer, at no cost to the patient. The results are then reviewed by Omico’s Molecular Oncology Board (MOB), which provides a report to the referring clinician, including potential matches for patients to new precision treatment and clinical trials.

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How can a patient participate in CaSP?

Australians wishing to participate in CaSP will need to be referred from their treating oncologist/clinician, via the online form on the Omico website.

CaSP Referral Form 

Who is eligible for CaSP?

Australians with advanced or incurable cancers will need to meet the following criteria:

- Be 16 years and older, and

- Have pathologically confirmed, incurable, advanced or metastatic cancer.

- Patients must meet all the inclusion criteria and none of the exclusion criteria to be eligible for inclusion.
Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria 

- Note that children will access via the Children's Cancer Institute

What tumour tissue is required for CGP?

A biospecimen that has been taken from previous procedures, e.g. tissue resections, diagnostic biopsies, core needle biopsies or fine needle aspirations (guided by CT, EBUS or EUS) is required.

How long does it take?

Typically, 8-10 weeks from patient consent to MOB report to the referring clinician. Patients who are indicated as urgent by the referring clinician will be fast-tracked 5-6 weeks.

Referral Process

For information on referrals, contact:

Rare Cancers AustraliaOmico

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