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National Oncology Alliance

The National Oncology Alliance (NOA) is an unincorporated alliance of stakeholders across the cancer continuum.  It is comprised of patients, patient groups, clinicians and multiple industries. 

Our collective focus is to shift policy to deliver timely and affordable and equitable access to the best care, emerging cancer treatments and technologies to the citizens who need them.

We are committed to improving early cancer prevention and survivorship of cancer patients. 

Why NOA Exists

Recent advances in science and the translation of discoveries into clinical treatments and technologies means that there has never been more hope for Australian cancer patients. Yet the benefits will only be realised if our systems keep pace and are progressive enough to fairly deliver treatments and technologies to cancer patients who need them. 

NOA is determined to ensure Australians living with cancer have access to a health system that provides them with the treatment, support and care that they need and deserve. 

 NOA will work with the government to present unified propositions that seek to deliver optimal survivorship for Australian Cancer Patients.

Webinar Series

Realising the rights and roles of Australian cancer patients: - applying the stakeholder lens

Patient-centred care is widely talked about from all corners of the cancer community.

Yet, the feedback we often get from patients is that this is often a right that is "given" to them at some point in their journey, rather than recognising it as being a fundamental human right that should be integrated throughout their cancer care.

How can we address the challenges so that the fundamental rights of patients are recognised, and the clinical integrity of the diagnosis, management and treatment journey are maintained?

Join us as we ignite lively discussion and debate around this topic by exploring the different perspectives that influence it.

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NOA Vision 20-30 Report

NOA Vision 20-30 calls on the need for an Australian Cancer Futures Framework which puts patients at the centre of cancer care and paves the way for the provision of the latest technological advances for all cancer patients regardless of cancer type, geography or financial situation - ultimately increasing survival.

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Genomic Testing Blueprint

This report seeks to characterise the cancer genomics landscape in Australia and explore the salient considerations around defining a path towards broad funded genomic testing for cancer patients.

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Four Pillars

NOA’s four main pillars are patients, patient groups, clinicians and the private industry, each of which brings an important voice and different perspectives across the cancer continuum.  The private sector is growing due to advances in technology and therapeutics.  Our reach is extending across the biotechnology sector, to artificial intelligence, big data, radiation oncology and the pharmaceutical sector. We are also seeking to collaborate with private health insurers, allied health workers, pathologists, technicians, researchers and hospital networks.

Cancer patients & carers

Patients deal with the realities of cancer every day and are best placed to express their needs and highlight the challenges they face. Their voice is critical to providing perspective and in designing solutions for the future.

Patient groups

Offer a broader perspective, representing the diverse needs of their communities and can voice how policies and services impact them.


Are at the cornerstone of delivering new treatments. They have the expertise to change lives but need to be able to use cutting edge treatments and technologies. They understand cancers and what is needed to deliver the best outcomes for patients.

Pharmaceutical companies

Are investing in research and translating their discoveries into clinical treatments and technologies providing advanced solutions for cancer patients. Global industry primarily responsible for bringing the therapies and technologies to Australia. Private industry works with the government and the health department to gain access for patients through the federated and universal health care system.

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