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Rare Cancers Australia

Ep 5: Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer

Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer

University of Queensland
The future of cancer and medical research

In this episode, RCA Chief Executive Richard Vines speaks to Professor Ian Frazer about:

  • Inventing the technology behind the world’s first cancer vaccine
  • Vaccine hesitancy, and the potential of other vaccines for cancer
  • What makes the Translational Research Institute so special
  • The interface between clinicians, scientists and patients in medical research
  • Our expanding understanding of cancer and targeted treatment
  • The experience of being Australian of The Year, and what he’s working on now
  • How the Medical Research Future Fund works
  • The alleged brain drain of medical researchers from Australia
  • The need to better embed medical research into the health system
  • How he sees medical research benefiting patients in 10 years’ time
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More about Emeritus Professor Ian Frazer

Ian and his colleague co-invented the technology behind the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine.

He is the founding CEO of the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane, heads a biotechnology company working on new vaccine technologies, and chairs the advisory board of the Medical Research Future Fund.

More about Richard Vines

Richard is the co-Founder and Chief Executive of Rare Cancers Australia. He is Convener and Co-chair of the National Oncology Alliance, and Deputy Chair of Omico. Richard also serves as an associate investigator on several research projects and is a spokesperson for cancer patient advocacy issues in both Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

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Grant is also Head of the Molecular Oncology Lab at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and a highly cited melanoma researcher.

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