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CANFORUM23: The genomic revolution in cancer - Is Australia ready?

About CanForum23

In recent decades, our understanding of cancer and its architecture has changed dramatically. No longer do we see cancer as something that is associated with a particular body location, but rather as a malfunction in our DNA and immune system that can be identified through genomic testing, then targeted and treated. These treatments are increasingly precise and personalised and, whilst they bring with them the opportunity for better health and survival, they present unique challenges to our traditional health system.

If Australia is to make the most of this revolution, driven by advances in genomic science, it is vital that we move now. Join us as we explore the genomic revolution in cancer and what it means for cancer patients and our broader society.

Special report

Rarefication: Personalised medicine in the genomic revolution 

Our ability to rapidly obtain genomic information about a person and their cancer is discovering rare and less common subtypes of cancer, even of cancers previously considered common. This report argues current cancer definitions may no longer be appropriate, and calls on policymakers to adapt the Australian health system to improve access to genomic testing and personalised medicine.

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CanForum 2023 explored the theme 'The genomic revolution in cancer – is Australia ready?'

We heard from some of Australia’s leading experts in genomics, from patient advocates who have experienced the power of genomics first-hand and delve into the challenges and opportunities we face in delivering equitable access to precision oncology.

Photos from this year's CanForum are available to download here.

Session 1: The state of play for genomics in Australia

Session 2: Genomics: opportunities for Australian cancer patients

Session 3: Maximising the potential of genomics for all Australians with cancer