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Caring for yourself

Caring for someone with a life-threatening or chronic disease can become a full-time job in itself. Whilst often rewarding, being the primary caregiver can mean that you neglect yourself, which may have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.

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Carer stories

We, at Rare Cancers Australia, are trying to provide just this for those in the cancer community who feel isolated and sidelined because of their diagnosis of a rare or less common cancer. By encouraging focused support groups that will provide comprehensive emotional, social and education support, an improved quality of life, continued support post-treatment, and support to caregivers.

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CEO Richard Vines and His New Role As A Carer

“Caring for and living with someone experiencing cancer changes so much of your life and there are changes that go on for months and years.” - Richard Vines.

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Carer Support Networks

“Patients who have a good social support system tend to have better outcomes.” – Elizabeth Gage-Bouchard

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Carers Spotlight - Fiona Dooley

Bryan from the Patient Care Team recently interviewed Fiona Dooley about her experiences.

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Carers in your community

CanDo App

By providing CanDo to people going through a difficult or particularly busy time in their lives.

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Carers Couch

At Carers Couch, we too, recognise the importance of carer wellbeing. That their needs have to be recognised as significant in the healthcare industry.

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Carers Network

Carer’s Network is an accredited private service provider offering a range of services through government funded care.

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Carers Australia

Carers Australia is the national peak body for all carers throughout Australia. They can offer a variety of support services specific to each state or territory. Click on the links below for your respective state or territory for more information. 

Carers Australia Carers NSW Carers QLD Carers ACT

Carers Victoria Carers SA Carers WA Carers NT

Department of Human Services and Centrelink

If you are a carer for someone living with a rare or less common cancer, you may be eligible for assistance through Centrelink. The Department of Human Services has a payment and service finder that can assist you find what, if any, payments you could be accessing. Click on the link below for more information and please contact our Patient Care Team if you would like further assistance navigating these services. 

Human Services

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