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Rare Cancers Awareness Day

About Rare Cancers Awareness Day 

Each year in Australia, 52,000 people are diagnosed with rare or less common cancer; 25,000 will not survive.

The barriers and isolation experienced by people diagnosed with rare and less common cancers can be significant. It can often mean high costs and limited – and in some cases, no – support, education or treatment options due to limited knowledge, expertise, research and investment.

Rare Cancers Awareness Day is held annually on 26 June. It’s a day to celebrate and support Australians affected by rare cancer and highlight the support patients need and deserve.

Join us throughout the month of June as we seek to improve understanding of rare cancers, raise awareness of the unique challenges patients face, share stories from the rare cancer community, and ultimately call for change.

Learn more about ‘What is a rare cancer?

2022 theme: You are not alone

We believe that every person with cancer, regardless of rarity, deserves support to help cushion the freefall that a diagnosis can bring. Whether that’s connecting with a Specialist Cancer Navigator for personalised support and guidance, or finding a community of people who get it; support and connection matter in a rare experience.

By showing your support for rare, together we can remind people with rare cancer that they are not alone.

How you can help  

There are several ways you – as an individual or organisation – can show your support throughout June for people living with rare cancer. Let them know you are in their corner: #WeAreRare

Access our Communications Toolkit and Social Media images here:

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About Rare Cancers Australia 

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) is a charity whose mission is to improve the lives and health outcomes of Australians living with rare, less common and complex cancers.

We believe that no Australian should have to go through their cancer journey alone, which is why we have Specialist Cancer Navigators with expertise in the distinct challenges these patients face.

We provide 360-degree personalised support to patients and their loved ones, and drive change in access, affordability, and quality of care for the patients of today and tomorrow.

This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of supporting rare, less common and complex cancer patients.

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