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Rare Cancers Awareness Day

About Rare Cancers Awareness Day 

1 in 4 cancers diagnosed in Australia are rare or less common.

Not all cancers are created equal. A rare cancer diagnosis has unique and complex challenges – and many patients have to face them alone. It can often mean high costs and limited support, education and treatment options due to the limited knowledge, expertise, research and investment.

That’s why one-on-one, personalised support is critical.

Each person’s cancer is as unique as their fingerprint, and every experience of cancer is different. We believe that all Australians living with cancer deserve access to support that is specifically tailored to meet their individual needs.

No Australian should have to go through their cancer journey alone.

Rare Cancers Awareness Day is held annually on 26 June. Join us throughout the month of June to support Australians affected by rare cancer, improve awareness of rare cancers and the challenges patients face, and highlight the change families need and deserve.

How you can support rare cancers this June

A person's cancer is as unique as their fingerprint

Imagine you’ve been diagnosed with a cancer so rare that nobody has even heard of it. That’s the reality for many people diagnosed with rare cancer. They must navigate a complex health system with limited information and little support, and often face huge financial burdens. It’s easy to see how these Australians can feel isolated, scared and lost.

Pledge your support 

Other ways to show your support

Spread the word

We’ve put together some handy resources to help you raise awareness about rare cancers, using #WeAreRare. Check out our social media assets, printable posters, email footers and more.

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