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Rare Cancers Awareness Day

What is Rare Cancers Awareness Day?

Rare Cancers Awareness Day is a day for all rare cancer patients, carers and families to come together and to reflect on their journey, celebrate their strengths and share their experiences to raise awareness in the community about the impact a rare cancer diagnosis can have.

The inaugural awareness day falls on Saturday 26th of June and we need your help in the lead up to shout from the social media rooftops: #WeAreRare

How can you get involved?

You can get involved in the month of June and especially on the 26th by:

1. Changing your Facebook profile picture to feature the #WeAreRare frame

Go to your Facebook profile page and click on the camera icon next to your profile picture.

In the pop-up window click on the “Add Frame” button.

Search #WeAreRare in the search bar and select the option at the top. Be sure to click use as Profile Picture when finished.

2. Sharing the #WeAreRare message
  • Keep an eye out on our “Rare Cancers Australia” Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for our #WeAreRare posts and feel free to share what speaks to you.
  • You can also create your own #WeAreRare posts. 

We have created a suite of images to help you raise awareness which include fast facts, quotes and branded tiles, you can explore and download them here: Download Social Media Tiles

We have also prepared some suggested lines to use on social media that you can feel free to share or adapt:

Saturday 26 June 2021 is the first #RareCancersAwarenessDay in Australia. Celebrate the strength of our rare cancer community with us and @Rare Cancers Australia #WeAreRare

One in three people with cancer in Australia are diagnosed with a rare or less common cancer. In the lead up to #RareCancersAwarenessDay on 26 June, we celebrate their strength and show our support because #WeAreRare. For more visit www.rarecancers.org.au

#WeAreRare and we are not alone. Together, we are a community of strong, resilient and determined patients, carers, families, clinicians, health professionals and supporters. #RareCancersAwarenessDay on 26 June is a day for us all, for more visit www.rarecancers.org.au

3. Tell us what “patients have the right to...”

Finish this sentence and post your video on your social media page using the #WeAreRare hashtag to help us highlight what the rights of rare cancer patients in the Australian healthcare system SHOULD be.


  • Please make sure your phone is landscape when you film.
  • Capture yourself from your shoulders up - you can do this selfie-style or ask a loved one to hold your phone.
  • Be mindful of your background and the noise around you.

You can watch our Rare Cancers Awareness Day launch video to view an example: CLICK HERE

How will the videos be used? 

We will share a selection of videos throughout the month of June on our social media channels – once we ask for your permission first of course.

All videos will be used to inform the research report we are currently developing for the National Oncology Alliance, for more information: CLICK HERE

All views submitted will not be directly quoted, reproduced or shared without us first seeking the permission of those involved.

Remember, use the #WeAreRare hashtag for all your Rare Cancer Awareness Day posts throughout the month of June.
Because #WeAreRare and together, we should be heard.