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Working from home while in isolation

Who would imagine on NYE 2019 while making a toast to ring in a new decade and vowing to spend more ‘quality time as a family’ that forces beyond our control would make it against the law to do otherwise? It’s a crazy time and unchartered territory for us all. The current enforced lock-down is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so for families who now work, learn and play together (under the same roof) - let’s make this work!   

There is no rule book to help families navigate the challenges of working and home schooling under the same roof. Family units have different dynamics so suggested strategies may not work for all of us. A couple of my family members (namely the adults - my husband and I) have had a surprising refresher on important ‘personal’ values we often lecture to our children. 

Consideration, Patience, Respect, Organisation and Communication

Here are my top tips to manage working from home and homeschooling during isolation: 

  1. Personal workspace - If possible and space permits in your home, try and allocate a personal desk and working area for each adult and child. Ensure there is adequate light and fresh air.
  2. Routine and breaks - Ensure your daily routine is not lost while isolating at home – it’s easy and tempting to stay up late and sleep in. Discuss the best time to all meet for lunch so being an Exec Chef and preparing meals at different intervals doesn’t fall to you! Lunch is a good time to encourage the kids to pop outside for some fresh air.  
  3. Plan and Communicate  - At the start of each day, discuss any important times for video conferences or school zoom lessons. This will help alleviate any yelling to ‘BE QUIET’.  
  4. Share the household chores - With all members of the household now house bound, allocate jobs so this also doesn’t fall to one person.  
  5. Be patient and considerate - We all need to be patient and considerate of each other’s concerns and responsibilities throughout the day. Our children who are home schooling are just as nervous about fulfilling their workload as we are as adults. Children may need assistance with schoolwork and sometimes this could be at a drop of a hat. Take a deep breath and be patient! 

‘Keep calm and carry on’ Winston Churchill 

24 April 2020
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