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9:15AM - 3:30PM Tuesday 17th October 2023
The Theatrette, Australian Parliament House

CanForum23 - Live stream

Rarefication: Personalised medicine in the genomic revolution

Our ability to rapidly obtain genomic information about a person and their cancer is discovering rare and less common subtypes of cancer, even of cancers previously considered common. This report argues current cancer definitions may no longer be appropriate, and calls on policymakers to adapt the Australian health system to improve access to genomic testing and personalised medicine.

Download the Report 

CanForum 2023 will explore the theme 'The genomic revolution in cancer – is Australia ready?'

We’ll hear from some of Australia’s leading experts in genomics, from patient advocates who have experienced the power of genomics first-hand and delve into the challenges and opportunities we face in delivering equitable access to precision oncology.

Sessions and Speakers
Session 1: The state of play for genomics in Australia - Read more

The current state of play for genomics in Australia, where can we look to current success and innovation affecting lives and offering opportunities; and how is Australia adapting?

Session Time: 9:25 am

Topic: Welcome

Fireside chat with:

Session Time: 9:35 am

Session Time: 9:50 am

Topic: A roadmap for genomics in Australia

Session Time: 10:10 am

Topic: The societal consequences of genomics

Session 2: Genomics: opportunities for Australian cancer patients - Read more

Genomics is already impacting lives in Australia. Hear from experts about how genomics and personalised medicine is transforming the face of cancer care as complexities increase.

Session Time: 11:10 am

Topic: Caitlin's Story

Session Time: 11:20 am

Topic: How genomics is making a difference for children with cancer

Session Time: 11:40 am

Topic: How advances in genomics are impacting lives

Session Time: 12:05 pm

Session Time: 12:20 pm

Panel discussion

Session 3: Maximising the potential of genomics for all Australians with cancer - Read more

The broader implications of genomics are far reaching, how do we understand the risks and opportunities to leverage the latest that genomic science has to offer?

Session Time: 2:05 pm

Topic: Srividya's Story

Session Time: 2:15 pm

Topic: Genomics: driving change in leukaemia

Session Time: 2:35 pm

Topic: Ensuring Australia is ready for the genomics revolution

Panel discussion

Attend CanForum in-person

We’d love you to join us to hear the unique perspectives of leading experts and patient advocates as we explore the future of cancer care.


Tuesday 17th October 2023


The Theatrette, Australian Parliament House (APH), Canberra

Event details

Arrival time

Please aim to arrive between 8.30 am, and 8.45 am. This will allow enough time to complete a security check and take your seat by 9.00 am.

Event timing

CanForum will run from 9.15am to 3.30pm. The event will also be livestreamed, so must start promptly.  

Networking drinks and canapes will be held from 3.30pm to 5pm.

On arrival

Please enter via the ground floor entrance to Australian Parliament House. Nikki Kerr, Rare Cancers Australia Head of Partnerships, will be there to greet you and assist you through security.   

Visiting Canberra and parking at APH

General information about visiting Canberra and Parliament House is available here.

Parking is available at Parliament House in the Forecourt Basement. Full Day rate is $21.

More information about parking

Immunoinclusion recommendations

While formal COVID requirements are no longer in place, we do anticipate that we will have a number of guests attending who are immunocompromised. As an organisation we are committed to ensuring our event is 'immunoinclusive' and accessible to everyone.

With this in mind, we have deliberately chosen a venue with excellent ventilation and we thank you for assisting with other measures to protect all guests. As such, we ask that:

  • you do not attend in-person if you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, or have tested positive to COVID-19,
  • you take a RAT on the morning of CanForum to confirm you are safe to attend, even in the absence of symptoms, and
  • you wear an N95 mask, when not eating or drinking.

If you’re unable to attend, you can transfer your registration to another person. You will need to advise us prior to the event to ensure your replacement is able to pass through security at Parliament House.

Invite your MP to join us

CanForum’s discussions will help shape policy requests for the future. Whether you’re attending in person or online, please consider inviting your local MP and Senators to come and meet us during the event. As CanForum is a sitting day, most will be unable to attend the sessions of CanForum, but many will be happy to drop in and meet constituents at the lunch or networking event, both to be hosted in the Great Hall. This is an important way for politicians to connect with experts, patients and advocates and understand the need for change. 

You can search online to find your local representatives and how to contact them.

If you would like help drafting an email or invitation to send, please email contact@rarecancers.org.au, who will be happy to help.

If you are unable to attend

In the event you are unable to attend CanForum and wish to transfer your registration to someone else, please advise Nikki Kerr on nikki@rarecancers.org.au or 0499 881 949 prior to the event. This will ensure your replacement is able to pass through security.

Attend CanForum Virtually

We are committed to CanForum being an inclusive and accessible event. If you're unable to join us in person, we'd love to have you join us online! As with previous years, CanForum will be live streamed and available to watch at home, in the office or on the move!

Register your interest for the live stream and we will provide you a link to join from anywhere that suits you. 


Please contact Nikki Kerr, Head of Partnerships, at nikki@rarecancers.org.au

Event Sponsors

Rare Cancers Australia would like to acknowledge our supporters who help make Canforum possible: