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Centre for analysis of rare tumours 

If you are reading this, chances are that you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a rare or less common cancer.  If that is the case, we would like to encourage you to join up to CART-WHEEL. You will be asked to complete a form indicating your consent and then a questionnaire (online) about your specific cancer. Your information will form part of a database that will be used to help research and better understand your cancer.

We, at Rare Cancers Australia,  understand that asking you to complete another form, questionnaire or survey is probably not the most welcome thought right now but there are very good reasons for your health and the health of others that you should consider it.

Why Participate

There are five compelling reasons why you should participate:

  • Clinical Trials – When researchers or pharmaceutical companies are developing a new treatment a key part of the approval process requires them to run trials on patients. Patients participating in such trials may get early access to new treatments. If you ask, CART-WHEEL will advise you of any trials they are aware of, once you have completed the survey so that they understand what might be relevant for your cancer.
  • Research – Researchers need to study the disease in order to try and develop treatments. Rare Cancers are under researched in part because scientists find it difficult to gather enough data to study. By joining CART-WHEEL you will encourage research into your cancer.
  • Fight Back - It’s great just to feel that you can do something positive and constructive in the fight against cancer. Joining CART-WHEEL is making a major contribution to defeating the disease.
  • Family – As we learn more about cancer we are beginning to understand that many patients have inherited a predisposition to specific cancers. If your cancer is one of those, then joining CART-WHEEL may be good for your family as well as for you. If your family member has passed away or is unable to fill in the questionnaire themselves, then a family member can do it for them (Next-of-Kin is explained on
  • Government – Rare cancers need funding from the government. Because each rare cancer only has a small population governments tend to ignore them when handing out funding for treatments and research. By joining Rare Cancers Australia and CART-WHEEL you will be letting Federal and State Governments know that with over 42,000 diagnoses every year Rare Cancers are not rare.

To join CART-WHEEL please go to