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Patient Treatment Fund 

Being diagnosed with a rare cancer is a major challenge for tens of thousands of Australians every year. For many this devastating news comes with the additional burden that their finances and lifestyle will be seriously undermined as they struggle with their deteriorating health and burdensome expenses. In many instances Australians are missing out on life saving and life extending treatments because of affordability. It is vital that we use the knowledge and treatments we have today to ensure that, regardless of their financial position, Australians can receive the best possible treatment available.
With your generosity, our Patient Treatment Fund will help those Australians faced with high cost options, gain access to the medicines that will ultimately help save or extend their lives.
Donors can make a difference by choosing to help fundraise for a patient or by donating directly to a patient’s campaign. Whether you are a family member, friend or just someone who cares, this is the perfect way to help someone in need and ensure they get the best cancer care and support available
Patients seeking assistance from the Patient Treatment Fund, will need a referral from their oncologist and must meet some financial assessment measures before being eligible to participate. Please contact us direct on 02 4862 2768 for more information.

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