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Reports & Submissions

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) is determined to increase awareness, highlight the need for further research and initiate policy discussion and action to improve the lives and outcomes of all Australians living with a rare or less common cancer. RCA is currently working with government, clinicians and industry for change.


2018/2019 Annual Review

A report on the major progress made by Rare Cancers Australia - Innovation Against Inequality.



Rare Solutions: A Time to Act - Progress Update

A report on the major progress made in RLC cancers in the last 12 months, following the launch of the landmark report Rare Solutions: A Time to Act in August 2017.


Rare Solutions: A Time to Act

First report of its kind paves the way for government, industry and research community to unite to improve access and outcomes for Australian patients


Submission to Senate Inquiry for the Availability and Accessibility of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment around Australia

This submission adresses the availability and accessibility which is a diagnostic imaging equipment - such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, radiography (x-ray), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) - in Australia.

Diagnostic imaging is a critical part of the cancer journey and our submission can be found here as well as our response to the Committee's recommendations here.


Submission to Senate Inquiry for Funding Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates

This submission adresses the urgent need for improved funding into research for cancers with low survival rates, many of which are rare or less common.

A trancscript of our CEO Richard Vines' address to the senate inquiry public hearing can be found here


RCA Cancer Patient Organisations in Asia Report

The need for patient groups to provide constructive input into the shape and priorities of health services within the Asia region.


Just a Little More Time: Rare Cancers Update Report

2016 update on the status of rare and less common cancers in Australia, including patient outcomes, research and treatment funding. 


Just a Little More Time

Details incidence, mortality and survival rates and also examines current funding levels for research and treatment.


Access to Cancer Medicines Senate Inquiry

This submission was presented to the Senate Community Affairs Committee and addresses the shortfalls of our current medicines funding and access model. It offers two recommendations to improve the system.


Funding for Treatment of Rare Cancers in Australia

A survey of pharmaceutical company employees, physicians and patient/advocacy group members.