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Advancing Comprehensive Care

21 Nov 2019 at 12:00 AM

The Patient Care Team love to get out and about. Bryan from the Patient Care Team attended the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Psycho-oncology Conference. This years theme was ‘Advancing Comprehensive Care.’

There were some fantastic speakers and presentations, most notably was the consumer presentation from Professor Grant McArthur. Professor McArthur is a Medical Oncologist and survivor of prostate cancer. His spoke about how vital communication is, with his colleagues, his treatment team and his family and he shared some excellent insights into people living with cancer and the impact that has on their loved ones. Fascinating to hear the doctor-as-a-patient perspective

Keynote speaker Professor Foster spoke about Patient Reported Outcomes and self-management support which helps patients develop the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to make optimal decisions for themselves. The presentation resonated with the team at RCA because so much of the work the Patient Care Team do is around empowering people to be decision makers in their own health care.

One exceptional highlight was the presence of a consumer co-presenter for every session. Presenting with each researcher was a consumer with a lived experience of cancer, often a person that had participated in the research discussed. This approach to presentations highlights the importance of the people behind the cancer diagnosis and continues to give patients and carers a much-needed voice during these kinds of forums. The authentic patient-centric nature of this type of consumer involvement is inspired.

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