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RCA welcomes Minister's national funding for Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program

18 Jul 2018 at 12:00 AM

Rare Cancers Australia welcomes the Government’s $50 million funding commitment to see the Garvan’s Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program rolled out nationally. Richard Vines, CEO, Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) said, “This funding is a watershed moment for rare and less common cancer patients and their carers across the country. The funding announced today will mean that patients nationwide will be able to access Garvan’s MoST clinical trial in their home state and not be forced to travel across the country to be part of the trial. This gives hope and very practical assistance to thousands of rare and less common cancer patients.”

“This will ultimately reduce the financial impact on patients associated with travelling interstate such as expensive flights and accommodation and will reduce the stress of being away from home, family and loved ones when they are already unwell. MoST is a beacon of hope for this often-neglected group of Australians,” said Vines. “Patients living with a rare or less common cancer have it tough. Each year 52,000 Australians are diagnosed, and sadly 25,000 will die each year. But working with Professor David Thomas at the Garvan, we hope will help change those appalling statistics and save more lives. The impact of the MoST trial to date has been nothing short of remarkable. So, this funding announcement is something that government can be very proud of and I congratulate the Minister for his commitment to finding solutions for rare.

“Today’s announcement represents not just hope, but a tangible lifeline for the thousands of Australians who have too often fallen through the cracks. It gives patients an option, where before, there were none.

In line with recommendations in RCA’s Rare Solutions: A Time to Act report launched in Canberra in August 2017, this funding announcement addresses the need for innovative clinical trial models to address the systemic challenges faced by rare and less common cancer patients with high unmet need.

Beyond today’s good news, RCA looks forward to working with government to continue moving forward with the solutions recommended in Rare Solutions: A Time to Act.

“At Rare Cancers Australia we aim to eliminate the inequity that exists for rare cancer patients and help turn a rare cancer diagnosis into a treatable disease rather than a death sentence,” said Vines.

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