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Rare and less common cancers need your support. Someone’s child, parent, partner; needs your support. So run, skip, hop, walk, swim or cycle your way forward and help create better outcomes for patients suffering from rare or less common cancers.

To make a fundraising page, you will need to have a Rare Cancers Australia account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free. For more information, please email

RCA understands that friends and family of a rare cancer patient are often motivated to raise money to assist with the many costs associated with cancer treatment. This is best done through The Patient Treatment Fund.
Patients seeking assistance from the Patient Treatment Fund will need a referral from their oncologist and must meet some financial assessment measures before being eligible to participate.
Please contact Kate Vines, Head of Patient Care on 02 4862 2768 for more information.

If you've already got a Rare Cancers Australia account, you can start fundraising by creating your personalised page here.
There are already a lot of generous people raising money for Rare Cancers Australia. Browse the list, or search for your friends and family, here.

Here are some tips to get your fundraising campaign off to a good start!

Personalise your Page

Include an image or photo. It’s always inspiring to see the people behind a fundraising campaign. Your message to your sponsors can be very powerful. Think about what you want to achieve and why you have chosen this cause. Your 500 words or less can make a major difference.

Get others Involved

You don’t have to fundraise alone, it’s always fun to get friends and family on board. Create an army and win as a team.

Spread the Word

Harness the power of social media. Post, tweet and capture your journey. Pick up supporters along the way and at the end, look behind you and see the formidable crowd cheering you on.

Have Fun

We hope you have fun, we hope you achieve your targets. We know you’ll make a difference. We know you’ll inspire others. We know you and all your supporters will be immensely proud of your achievements. Good luck.