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Win a Vuly Trampoline at This Year’s Halloween Charity Ball!

3 Oct 2018 at 12:59 PM

If this year’s Halloween Charity Ball wasn’t exciting enough already, you now also have a chance to win a Vuly trampoline at the event.

Vuly has kindly offered a Lift 2 Large Trampoline at this year’s charity ball, giving everyone at the event a chance to win this amazing backyard favourite. Featuring a smooth, powder-coated frame and extra-tough polyethylene full enclosure, the Lift 2 promises countless hours of fun and leisure for the entire family. It’s also deeply customisable, allowing you to upgrade it with add-ons like a basketball set, shade cover, water mister, outdoor speaker, or even a lightweight deck board.

As one of Australia’s top trampoline suppliers, Vuly creates world-class trampolines and swing sets that make outdoor play fun and incredibly safe. Their playgrounds are designed to be the safest and best-performing in the world, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to healthy play.

The best thing about getting this amazing trampoline is that it offers a lot more than fun and leisure. Bouncing on trampolines has also proven to help with:

  • Improving mood – Trampolining can help the body release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones that can improve mood and increase the feeling of happiness.
  • Relieving stress – Bouncing is a simple but effective way to relieve stress and unwind for kids and adults alike.
  • Blood circulation – Jumping on trampolines promotes blood circulation, which allows body cells to receive more oxygen and remove more toxins.
  • Physical fitness – Trampolining is an incredibly effective and efficient workout. In fact, a NASA study confirmed rebound exercise is one of the most – if not the most – efficient exercises available today.
  • Training and therapy – Because trampolining is low-impact and light on the joints, it offers an excellent tool for supplementing training and complementing physical therapy programs.

Get a chance to win the Vuly Lift 2 Large trampoline (with free delivery) at this year’s Halloween Charity Ball on Friday, 26 October at the Sydney Town Hall. See you there!

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