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In‍‍‍ February 2016, Pete was diagnosed with primary pulmonary synovial sarcoma, an incredibly rare cancer that numbers three in one million cases.

Sadly though, Pete's most recent hospital visit in late 2017 was for pneumonia, and despite everyone’s best efforts, that quickly escalated into a crisis that eventually took his life.

Pete left behind his amazing 10 year old daughter Amelia, his beautiful wife Angela Bishop and a bunch of great friends.

Soon we'll be coming together for the in‍‍‍augural Baikie's Ride for Rare Cancers. Ride, drive or fly and/or meet us afterwards for the Baikie Bender at the Bridgeview Hotel in Willoughby and help us honour the memory of Peter J Baikie‍‍ while raising money for Rare Cancers Australia

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