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“Tell the story of the mountains you climbed. Your story could be a page in someone else’s survival guide…”

I lost my beautiful grandmother, June Baker, to rare cancer and to honour her memory, and raise awareness and funds for rare cancers, I’m climbing to Mount Island Peak next to Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

Last April, only one year after being diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the bladder (SCCB), my grandmother lost her fight to this rare cancer. It acts like lung cancer so that is how doctors treat it - it's the only way they know how.

The cancer is known for spreading rapidly to the brain. My grandmother had a lot of treatment and two months after she finished she had a bad fall. A CT scan revealed she fell because the cancer had spread to her brain.

My goal is to take part in a 30 day expedition to summit a 20,305 ft peak in the Himalayas known as Island Peak (Imja Tse) in October 2018. In just under six months from now I’ll be back in the Everest region and will be crossing crevasses and using ice axes and crampons. We will also be summiting Kalapathar and walking to Everest base camp for acclimatisation before heading off to Island Peak summit.

Being so high above sea level has its own complications so I’m already training everyday and using equipment to simulate conditions of the actual climb. We jump on the treadmill or go down to the beach with our heavy packs on, do rock climbing, and train with an altitude mask. It is a dangerous climb, but the more you prepare your body the more successful you will be.

I’m undertaking this challenge in order to raise money and awareness for Rare Cancers Australia so please help support me, and them, by donating today. 52,000 Australians are diagnosed with a rare cancer every year and every bit you can give helps.

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