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In Memory of Danielle Tindle

In Memory of Danielle Tindle

Danielle, aged 36, passed away suddenly on 25 August 2017 from a rare neuroendocrine carcinoma.

Thirteen years ago, Danielle survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and as a result of her experience Danielle embarked on a mission to advocate for improved services and care for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients. She spent many years as a researcher, working tirelessly, and despite her illness became a leader in the field. In 2015 whilst completing her PhD at QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation she was diagnosed with a second cancer, a neuroendocrine cancer of the hypopharynx. As this was a rare cancer, the cost of immunotherapy treatment that might have helped her was exorbitant and there was no government funding available under the PBS scheme for her type of cancer.

Despite fighting two forms of aggressive cancer, Danielle was unstoppable. She completed her PHD and continued to help and support adolescent and young adults diagnosed with rare cancers. She embodies the true Australian fighting spirit and her life was nothing short of heroic.

Danielle’s story was recounted on the ABC’s Australian Story, “Your Money or Your Life” which aired in May 2016. It was a powerful documentary that highlighted the plight faced by those diagnosed with rare and less common (RLC) cancers. Through this account and her own campaigning around the world, the ongoing issue of lack of funding for RLC patients has started to gain traction with the Federal Government. Her story touched the hearts of so many people in Australia and around the globe. She was selfless in her determination to fight and advocate for those who did not have a voice in this cancer space. She always sought to focus on the more meaningful aspects of life and always there to help others contributing so much to the community and in particular AYA with rare cancer.

Danielle was also involved with a number of National and International Cancer organisations. Her intelligence, wisdom and hard work was not surprising for those that knew her.

She was a very passionate advocate for Rare Cancers Australia and admired both founders Kate and Richard Vines for all their compassion and work to support rare cancer patients. She fought alongside them to highlight the inequities and injustices related to the cost of cancer therapies and treatment options available for this group.

Danielle and her family are extremely grateful to all who helped fight her battle and contributed to her cause. Her beautiful voice and legacy shall live on.

In the words of her father Professor Robert Tindle: “Her strength, spirit and dignity were with her to the end. She has been relieved of her greatest fear, namely that her future was to continue to be a dependent, unable to speak, unable to eat and in constant pain. Danielle requested that her passing be remembered as a celebration of her life and that her life was not cut short, but was full and complete”.

Forever loved by your parents Robert and Elizabeth and loving brother Paul, the joys of your life your adorable poodles Quito and Tigger and all your friends and colleagues and everyone whose hearts you touched.

Your absence is missed but we hold you close within our hearts and forever there you will remain.

Danielle’s legacy was her work in the field of survivorship in young cancer patients

In Danielle’s memory let’s continue to support her legacy, her passionate advocacy and her desire to help others receive affordable cancer treatment and supportive care through your donation to Rare Cancers Australia.

Fred and Mary Moschini on behalf of the Tindle family

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Danielle you left us precious memories and though we cannot see you we know you are always with us.
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Thanks for your help.
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